4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Insurance

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Insurance

Can you predict if your car would be stolen? Can you be certain that your car would not suffer any damage? And do you wish to pay the fine for not having a car insurance?

The answers to all the above questions is a big NO, obviously. Insurance protects you in all situations that you cannot predict. It covers your finances and keeps your investment safe. And with the New Motor Vehicle Act, not having a car insurance calls for a huge fine, and even imprisonment for upto 3 months.

To focus even more on the need of getting an insurance for your car today, here are 4 big reasons supporting the same.

1. Insurance covers your Accidental Damages.

Road accidents are highly common on Indian roads, and your car can suffer damage without any fault of yours. Then why should you pay for something that you didn't do, right? Your car insurance covers all damages and losses that might happen to your vehicle during an accident, and you would not need to worry about paying for them yourself.

2. You can be Imprisoned for Driving without Car Insurance.

The fines for traffic violations have been revised, and are put in effect from September 2019. According to them, if you are caught driving a car without having a valid car insurance, you would have to pay Rs.2,000 as a penalty if you are caught the first time. Not just that, you may be imprisoned for upto 3 months for this. And if you are caught the second time for the same violation, the fine rises to Rs. 4,000. Ouch!

3. Car Insurance reduces your Liability.

If your car is in an accident, and someone were to get injured, your car insurance pays for the injuries and damages to the concerned person. Instead of worrying about the casualties caused in an accident, you can let your insurance take care of all expenses. Your liability is greatly reduced and you can avoid panicking in such situations.

4. It can work as your Health Insurance.

What if you were the one who gets injured in an accident? And not just some minor bruises, what if you were to be hospitalised and you do not have a health insurance. Your car insurance policy covers your medical bills in this case. You can then stop worrying about money and bills, and only think about getting well.

Now you know that your car insurance plays many different roles, and comes with great benefits. Go and look for a policy today!

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