Why Activa owner pays 55,000 for petrol? Check here

Sep 25, 2022 1 min read
Why Activa owner pays 55,000 for petrol? Check here

The prices of fuel keeps on increasing. However, it can go up to this limit was not expected. Recently, an activa owner pays Rs 55,000 instead of 550. This incident occurred in Thane, Maharashtra.

After filling the tank, the owner made the payment via QR code (Google Pay) at the fuel pump. When the payment was made, he was shocked to see the debited amount. The amount deducted was Rs 55,000 instead of Rs 550.

The attendant at the fuel station accidentally generated a bar code for Rs 55,000. Before the matter could escalate, the error was resolved, and the amount was credited back to owner's account.  

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