Tata Harrier vs MG Hector

Feb 14, 2020 2 min read
Tata Harrier vs MG Hector

MG Hector has stormed the Indian market with its killer looks and connected features. But one vehicle which is giving it a tough competition is our homegrown brand, Tata Harrier with multiple drive modes, Land Rover chassis and Lotus-tuned suspension.

Hector and Harrier, both tick the big SUV checkbox and are well-positioned to take on their rivals. Now the question arises, which is the better one among the two. It is quite debatable and subjective; however, here we have tried our best to keep the discussion subjective.

1. Engine

Both vehicles come powered by an FCA-sourced 2-litre diesel engine. But both the vehicles respond very differently when you start them. MG Hector’s cold start is smooth and clean but the same is not true with Harrier. Hector also offers better engine refinement and lower NVH levels. Vibrations on accelerator and clutch paddle are lesser in Harrier.

Both vehicles churn out the same amount of torque however, Hector is known for giving better low-end torque. At 170 ps, Hector’s engine produces power than 140 ps of Harrier. Both the engines stay eager to be revved and cruise comfortably at triple-digit speeds.

In terms of fuel efficiency, Harrier has a slight edge over Hector is both city and highway conditions.

2. Handling and Ride Quality

On papers, Harrier is the clear winner with Land Rover’s chassis, hydraulic steering rack and rear suspensions tuned by Lotus who is the best chassis-tuning business. And it doesn’t disappoint in the real world as well. Its precise steering, minimal body roll on corners given the size of Harrier and a smoother ride on bumps make it an ideal choice for Indian conditions.

Hector is a more comfortable contender in the city conditions due to its soft steering set up and a narrower tail. However, the time you take it highway and cross double-digit speed you start losing confidence due to its soft steering and body roll at corners make you feel like you are driving a long MPV instead of an SUV.

3. Interiors

MG Hector has designed its dashboard around its 10.4-inch touchscreen that works as an infotainment system and one-stop point for all other essential controls including HVAC and other features. You will have to get used to operating its touch screen for all the functions while driving to operate it safely. Hector comes powered with a 6-way electrically powered driver’s seat and provides great visibility. Its massive panoramic sunroof adds a lot more premium feel inside the cabin.

Tata Harrier comes loaded with its famous Harman speakers, 8.8 touchscreen infotainment system and premium leather seats. Harrier’s dashboard looks minimalistic but classy and quite easily usable while driving.

4. Style

At first sight, Harrier will definitely look more stylish and would grab more eyeballs. On the other hand, MG Hector is designed while following a classic theme. Bot the vehicle are completely different in their design language and would attract different sets of buyers. Harriers’ looks are more contemporary and Hector offers a timeless design.

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