Which is the best car according to ChatGPT?

Feb 23, 2023 1 min read
Which is the best car according to ChatGPT?

You must be aware of ChatGPT, no? We'll tell you!

It is one of the latest free tech resources on internet right now. It's an AI program developed by Open.AI where you can literally get answers for every question. From solving mathematical equations to expressing opinions, ChatGPT has it all.

If you are wondering about the ideal car, well, it's based on individual preferences and requirements. However, the ChatGPT defines the definition of an ideal car:

Air Conditioning

A strong air conditioning is required to add comfort in extreme heat conditions in India. It brings down the temperature effectively and efficiently.

Fuel efficiency

Due to increased prices of petrol and diesel, an appropriate level of fuel efficiency is advised for car to go extra mile.

Safety features

Cars equipped with necessary safety tools are important to avoid risk of accidents such as electronic stability control (ESC), airbags, and antilock bracking system (ABS).

Robust quality

A vehicle which is withstand the rocky roads is preferable.


A car that offers key features with less price is an attractive option for buyer to purchase a new car.


Many roads in Indian cities are congested and full of heavy traffic. Therefore, a compact car helps in overcoming from such tricky situations.

Ground clearance

Vehicles with a ground clearance of at least 170 mm for Indian roads. A car with a good ground clearance will protect the car from undercarriage from scratches.


A good suspension system goes a long way helping in reducing the jolts from the cracks and potholes on roads.

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