Stopped by a Traffic Policeman? Here's What To Do!

Oct 19, 2019 2 min read
Stopped by a Traffic Policeman? Here's What To Do!

Imagine that you are already getting late for work and then a traffic cop chooses you for a regular inspection. What do you do? And do you know what you should never do?

Once you are cornered by a traffic policeman, so many questions pop into your head- Why is this even happening? Was it really required? Why me and not others? But I didn't do anything wrong? Why was I stopped even when I have all my documents?

Well, you would just have to let the cop tell you the answer to all those questions. But before that, you need to know a few essential things about dealing with such situations and avoiding creating any mess out of nothing. Just remember, he is only doing his duty.

1. Keep Calm

No matter how irritated you are, never misbehave with the cops. Because an irritated cop will always find a loophole and things might get difficult for you. Talk to them politely and show them all the documents they ask for. In case you do not have a certain document with you, ask them about the process of a challan.

Avoid arguing with them at all costs. There is a possibility that if you are nice with the cops and you apologise, they might let you go with a warning.

You should know that as per Section 130 of the Motor Vehicle Act, you are only legally liable to produce the documents. You do not need to handover the documents if you do not wish to.

2. Don’t Try To Bribe

Indian drivers are known for bribing the traffic cops and getting away. But, bribing a cop has two disadvantages-

#1. You are just adding to the existing corruption.
#2. You can offend an honest policeman, in which case you can land in jail.

Therefore, if you have broken a traffic rule or one of your documents is missing, it is wise to politely apologise for your mistake and request the cop to let you go. And if you fail to convince the officer, ask him about the process of paying challan.

3. Know the Law

If you do not know the law, it is possible that you would succumb to the unreasonable demands of traffic cops. For instance,

# It is important to know that traffic police cannot tow your vehicle if you are sitting inside.

# If you are detained by the cops, they need to present you in front of the court within 24 hours.

# You can also file a complaint in the police in case you face any kind of harassment from the traffic police.

# The challan given to you must clearly mention your offence, vehicle details, date of trial, name and signature of the officer, retained documents’ details and court’s address where you need to visit.

MOST importantly, always know the exact amount of fine that you are liable to pay for an offence. You can read about the fines and offences here.

Knowledge always helps you, and you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities before getting on the road.

Happy Driving!

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