Storm R3 electric car - the first EV that will not cost a bomb

Mar 22, 2021 1 min read
Storm R3 electric car - the first EV that will not cost a bomb

Storm R3 can seat 2 passengers and will offer a range of around 200 km. You can pre-book the vehicle for Rs 10,000. Deliveries will start from early 2022.

There is no three-wheeler car in the Indian market. But this norm is about to change. Electric startup company, Storm Motors has started pre-bookings of its brand new flagship product Storm R3.

The all-electric personal mobility vehicle will have three wheels and will seat two people. The company will produce limited number of these vehicles. Storm Motors has claimed that it has alredy taken pre-bookings of orders worth over $1 million in just first 4 days. The vehicle is expected to launch at Rs 5 lakh. This will also make it one of the most affordable cars in India.

The company has opened pre-booking for Delhi-NCR and Mumbai regions. You need to shell out Rs 10,000 for the booking. The bookings are expected to stay for a few weeks. People who are early buyers can get free upgrades worth Rs 50,000 including a premium audio system, customized color options, and free maintenance for 3 years.

What is Storm Motors?

Storm Motors was founded in 2016. The company states that its electric cars are ‘Made in India, Made for India’. The cars are designed to serve fleet owners, families, and working professionals to cimmute within the city limits of 10 km radius.

Storm R3 has already filed patents for its Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and is certified by ARAI. It will be powered by a 48V battery pack . You can use the battery pack for another 5-10 years as an emergency backup or UPS storage after its done servicing your vehicle.

Storm R3 has a claimed range of 200 km. It will offer 4G connected diagnostic engine onboard,  to help you track status of charge or location. It will also offer elaborate health report of car components including motors, brake pads, and other electronics. Storm Motors will start delivering the vehicle from early 2022.

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