What is KP in car insurance? Here are all details

May 18, 2022 2 min read
What is KP in car insurance? Here are all details

The Key-protect add-on cover (KP) provides protection when the keys of car are lost or damage due to any unforeseen event like theft or fire. Under this, the insurance company pays you the cost of repairing or replacing of keys.

What is covered?

When you purchase the insurance online, you have an option to add a key replacement cover to your basic cover. It covers against the following risks:

  1. If someone stole your car keys

2. If the lockset of your car gets damaged

3. Loss of your car keys due to an unexpected contingency on the road

4. If your car keys got damaged due to an unforeseen accident.

Exclusions of key-protect cover

  1. Any loss of the keys due to dangerous perils

2. If the key replacement costs incurred that are not for personal use

3. Any damaged caused due to criminal act

4. If the loss is covered under the manufacturer's warranty

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Benefits of having key-protect add-on cover

A policyholder will get financial support for the cost of repairing the damaged or lost keys.

NCB will not get affected at the time of renewal.

Your insurer will replace the new set of keys in case of theft and damage of car keys or lockset.

Cost of key-protect add-on cover

The cost varies on different companies. However, this premium is always less than the actual cost of the replacement of the damaged keys. Therefore, by paying some amount as premium can save you from the high cost of lockset.

While claiming, the compensation that you'll receive will subject to Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your four-wheeler insurance company.

Claiming under KP in car insurance

Inform your insurer

The first step under claiming process is informing the insurer about the loss or damage of keys.

File an FIR

Make sure to file an FIR if the keys were stolen under theft.


Get your keys repaired or replaced and raise a claim with the insurer.

Submit documents

Submit all the documents including the claim form and FIR.

Receive compensation

At last, the insurance company will compensate you with the amount after verification of all the documents.


Key protection cover is an important add-on cover in case of damage or loss of the car keys. Thus, it will be a good decision to add KP in your insurance policy.

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