What do the Letters on your Number Plate mean?

Sep 3, 2019 1 min read
What do the Letters on your Number Plate mean?

Ever wondered what the letters, or characters on the number plate of your vehicle mean? Read ahead to find out!

Ever wondered what the letters, or characters in the number plate of your vehicle mean?

What makes your vehicle unique from others? You and your neighbour could own the same blue coloured Swift Dzire, so how do you make out which one is yours?

The answer is- Through your Number plate.

Officially known as the license plate, it is in fact how the authorities identify your vehicle.  The plate usually has 10 characters (even though you would remember just the last 4. But what does each character indicate? Let's find out!

Let us assume that a vehicle has the following license plate-


This pattern is made up of 4 parts:


State Code- The first two characters tell you the name of the state of Union territory where the car is registered. Each state and UT has its unique two letter code. For example, MH is the code for Maharashtra, DL is the code for Delhi, etc..


RTO Code- The next two digits point to the RTO of the vehicle's registration. A state can have many RTOs and each one has its own unique number. This means that from the first 4 characters of a license plate, you can easily figure out where a vehicle has been registered.


Series Number- Every state or RTO allots a series number to each type and model of vehicles. Your vehicle gets a unique combination of alphabets between AA to ZZ based on the pattern that your RTO follows.


Final Four- The last four digits range from 0001 to 9999. Though these are not unique to your vehicle, the whole number plate is. Some special four digit combinations are known as premium numbers (such as 1111, 6666, 1112, 0786, etc.) are available with the RTOs but you would have to pay a high price for them.

Now that you know the breakdown of your vehicle's license plate, you can go and figure out new details that you did not know before. Happy Finding!

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