What are the car modification laws in India

May 9, 2021 2 min read
What are the car modification laws in India

Your car has to match your taste and preferences, isn’t it? So, here, let us take a look at some vehicle modifications.

Car is often an extension of an individual's personality. So, people modify them according to their choice. Some modify cars to improve aesthetics whereas, many others make some functional changes for better utility. Whatever the case is, modifying cars is a trend that goes back to the time when they were invented. In simple language, the owner cannot play with the 'structural features of the car at any cost. So, if you want to modify your car but are wondering what all modifications you can go for, then here are some points you should know before you get your car modified in India.


You are allowed to repaint your car in the same color or different color of your choice. But it is necessary to take permission from RTO and it needs to be edited on the vehicle's registration certificate. If you want to wrap your car to prevent it from damage by the sun, then you don't need any permissions.


Changing the loudness and sound of the horn is allowed. But, it is not supposed to exceed the 80 dB mark, to reduce noise pollution. Musical horns and multitone are completely prohibited.

Change of engine

Changing the engine to other than the automaker’s specifications is banned. Also, the engines can be swapped but it needs prior permission from the RTO and inspection in a later stage. Failing to follow the protocols set by the RTO will result in the cancellation of a vehicle’s registration.

Wheels and tyres

This is one of the most common modifications in India. One can change the tyres of a car within a permissible range as the car automakers usually offer different specs of tyres starting from the base variant to the top model variant. Both the  tyres and wheels should not be highly oversized.

Restrictions on Aftermarket Accessories

Aftermarket accessories such as bullbars are hindrances to the safety pattern of the cars. Other modifications like body kits, door protectors, and rain cars can be added to your car. They do not make any structural changes to the car. Whereas, one can't modify the number and structure of seats in the car like wheelchair lifts.

Window tinting

The government banned tinted windshields and vehicle windows. Since tinted glasses make being inside a car in summer more tolerable, they become more or less indispensable.

Suspension upgrade

The suspension of the car can be modified to a high performance which would enhance the quality of your drive. Changes such as installing anti-roll bars can reduce body roll while making turns, means a more stable ride. You can also upgrade to coil overs and aftermarket shocks which increase stability, reduce body roll and improve suspension.

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