7 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer Season

Apr 30, 2019 2 min read
7 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer Season

The summer heat shows no mercy on anyone. Every person is a victim of hot winds and high temperature. The moment you step away from your air conditioners and soothing rooms, you are drenched in sweat. And let us admit it, no one likes anything about it.

The most terrible part of bearing the torture of summer heat is the moment when you open your car door. You cannot dare sit on the seat and start driving, unless you wish to be flashed with heat and sweat.

To help you beat the heat in your car cabin, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Park in a shade

While parking your car, try finding a place that is not under direct sunlight or lies under the shade of a tree or a building. This will automatically reduce the amount of heat getting trapped in your car, and help in keeping the interiors cool.

2. Park your car backwards

It is not always possible to find a parking spot in a shade. In such a case, a smart way to park is to let the back of your car take all the heat. Park with your driving seat facing away from the sun. Keeping your engine and driving area away from getting heated up, can help a great deal when you sit in your car.

Buy car cooling seat cushions to stay comfortable in summers

3. Cover your windows

The window shades are popularly available everywhere in India. They are not just meant to avoid the sun while driving, but also help in keeping the heat away in a parked car. Make sure that you cover all your windows with a shade, before leaving your car  in the parking area.

4. Put towels on seats and dashboard

You can save your hands and body from experiencing the extensive heat trapped inside your parked vehicle. Cover your seats and the dashboard area in front with a towel, preferably a little wet one. These will keep the temperature considerably lower and avoid the seats from heating up.

5. Leave a crack in your windows

Air ventilation is very important to avoid the car interiors from getting hot. It is therefore advisable to leave tiny cracks in your windows while closing them. Even little openings will allow the air inside to circulate well and maintain a low temperature.

6. Blast your AC on entering your car

If nothing works and you are still stuck with boiling car interiors (metaphorically), turn on the blast in your air conditioner the minute you put the key in your car. Even before sitting down, just pull down the windows and turn on the blast to drive all the hot air outside. So, if you are buying used car, make sure that its AC works perfectley.

You have solutions to every problem around you. Taking tiny steps can help you and your car through this hot summer!

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