Vlogger rides a scooter in India with a roof

Jun 13, 2022 1 min read
Vlogger rides a scooter in India with a roof

Recently, a vlogger in India posted a video on her YouTube channel, named "BikeWithGirl". She made a scooter look like a smaller version of a car. The name of the motorcycle is AD200.

This probably has been done to protect the riders from sunlight and rain. The whole roof can be folded into pieces and can be stored in a storage box mounted behind the vehicle.

The vehicle derives a lot of attention from pedestrians and fellow motorists. Even after that, a decent amount of free space is available. If you are using the roof, the storage box can store at least 2 full-size helmets.

There is also a windshield in the front with a washer and own wiper.

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