Virat Kohli sold all of his impulsive cars

Mar 30, 2023 1 min read
Virat Kohli sold all of his impulsive cars

Recently, Virat Kohli accepted that most of his cars that he bought over the years have been impulsive purchase that he decided to sell at the end.

Impulsive buying means tendency to buy a product or service without any prior planning. It usually happens due to emotions or feelings.

He is India's brand ambassador for German luxury automaker Audi, he has spoke about his craze for his cars. Kohli revealed that he had plenty of cars but hardly got time to drive them. He has now become more practical and sold most of his cars.

According to him, it's a part of growing and being more aware and mature about things too. At that age, you don't feel like owning toys.

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