Video of hit and run goes viral on social media

Jul 27, 2021 1 min read
Video of hit and run goes viral on social media

Two people on a bike were rammed by a speeding car on Salem-Coimbatore highway. The car, involved in the accident, has been identified.

A video of hit and run on the national highway has gone viral on social media. The accident took place on the Selem-Coimbatore highway. A speeding car which was being driven recklessly, stabbed into a two-wheeler throwing a rider into air and drove past without stopping. The riders were seriously injured in the accident.

The bike riders, Ajith and Arun were travelling back to their hometown from Palani to Kallakkurichi.

While trying to overtake another vehicle from the left, the speeding car lost control and rammed into the bike. The bike was completely wrecked and broken parts flew into air.

The video of the accident was recorded the dash camera of another car that was following the two-wheeler. The footage shows the bike crashing into the protective wall because of the effect of thunder and flying back to the road.

The two were rushed into the nearby hospital by the commuters as they fell unconscious.

Police initiated the investigation and have registered the case against the accused.

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