Video: 'How many people can sit in an F1 car?' Twitter roasts Pakistani anchor brutally

Sep 6, 2021 1 min read
Video: 'How many people can sit in an F1 car?' Twitter roasts Pakistani anchor brutally

Do you know the seating capacity in an F1 car? If not, society might disown you. Check out this viral video of a Pakistani news anchor.

Old video footage from a Pakistani television program has gone viral, showing the anchor's knowledge about Formula One cars.

Social media is pretty ruthless to any mistake. And nobody can understand it better than the Pakistani television anchor who asked an ignorant question about formula one cars.

In now-viral footage from a Pakistani television station, an anchor asks a guest how many people can fit inside a Formula One car. The visitor explained carefully that it was a sports car and that only the driver could sit inside.

The video clip is from the news program Good Morning Pakistan, although this episode was aired in 2016. Nida Yasir is identified as the anchor in the viral video.

It remained fine when she was told that the car could only sit the driver. But she then observed that you guys have started with a small car and will make a car with bigger seating capacity later. She probably thought that after the first success, the makers would expand the seating capacity.

She went even further, stating that it is now at the formula stage. She was unaware of the formula car idea and how they are built at the highest level of racing.

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