Types of Driving License in India

Apr 19, 2019 1 min read
Types of Driving License in India

A Driving License (DL) is your legal permit to drive a vehicle on the road. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the authority responsible for issuing a DL to any Indian Citizen. Over the years, the importance and compulsion of having a DL has increased greatly, due to the surge in the number of accidents and mishaps on Indian roads.

Following are the types of driving licenses issued in India:

Learner's Driving License

This is the first temporary license issued to an applicant. It is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and is issued for the applicant to learn how to drive his or her vehicle on the road. It is obtained by submitting relevant documents and by passing a theory test on driving.

Permanent Driving License

You are made to go through a driving exam on completion of 6 months of your driver's license. You are allotted a permanent DL on successful completion of the test. You may also be asked some traffic rules and regulations in the test.

International Driving License

The Indian Authorities also issue international DL, which is valid for one year. The applicant must have a valid passport while applying for this license. The DL is collected from the authorities in the intended country the license was applied for.

Two-Wheeler License

Also known as Motorcycle license, this DL permits the driver to only limit his or her driving to a two-wheeler vehicle. A person having this DL cannot drive a car legally on the road.

Light Motor Vehicle License (LMV)

A citizen with a LMV DL is only allowed to drive vehicles like rickshaws, cars, taxis, three wheelers and other light weight vehicles. These personal licenses can also be used for commercial purposes for the same range of vehicles.

Heavy Motor Vehicle License (HMV)

An HMV license is meant for the drivers of heavy trucks, buses, cranes, carriages and other heavy vehicles. A person with a HMV license is free to drive a LMV, but the opposite is forbidden.

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