Watch: Truck crushes i20 on Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 3 killed

Jul 6, 2021 1 min read
Watch: Truck crushes i20 on Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 3 killed

In an unfortunate accident, 3 passengers in Hyundai i20 including a 4-years old child were killed. The horrific video is now going viral.

Three family members killed in a three-vehicle pile-up on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, including a three-and-a-half-year-old boy. On July 1, a passing vehicle's camera captured the accident near Borghat, Raigad district.

Joaquim Chettiar, his wife Luiza, and their son Jazial were reportedly returning from a function to their home in Naigaon, Vasai. Ramesh Nikam, the trailer driver, was also injured in the collision and transported to MGM Hospital in Kamothe.

The couple and their child were driving through Borghat in their Hyundai i10 car, as shown in the video. It occurs when a driver of the trailer to Mumbai lost control over his vehicle and hits a truck that is moving ahead. The truck moved on and smashed into their car.

The car crushed between two trucks in seconds, and all three passengers died on the spot. After the accident, the car caught fire instantly. The driver of the container was rescued by a Highway Police patrol team which arrived on the scene.

According to some reports, the accident may have caused by a tire burst. However, the inquiry is still underway.

Unfortunately, such accidents on India's roadways are not rare. India reports the world's highest number of traffic accidents. Every year about 4.5 lakh individuals are handicapped globally, resulting in losses of up to 3.14% of GDP.

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