Toyota Fortuner got stuck in a flooded underpass; towed by a tractor

Aug 27, 2021 1 min read
Toyota Fortuner got stuck in a flooded underpass; towed by a tractor

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most capable and dependable SUVs in India. But it seems, it is not everything that you need on Indian roads.

Residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat are facing difficulty to commute on roads due to excessive water logging amid heavy monsoon rains. Especially, underpasses where water logging is much higher than expected.

In an unfortunate event, Toyota Fortuner SUV got stuck in the flooded railway underpass while crossing in Baghpat. The viral video is shot at Jeevana village falling under the Ramala Police Stations limits in Baghpat.

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Incessant rains and inefficient drainage system caused such massive water logging in the underpass. You can see the Fortuner SUV stuck in the middle of underpass. As the driver tried crossing the underpass, the SUV started sinking in the water.

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The driver was lucky enough to manage to get out of the car and climb on its roof to save his life. Later local villager towed out the Fortuner with the help of a tractor.

CarInfo recommends to stay extra cautious while driving in rains.

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