Top tips for CNG car maintenance

Feb 1, 2022 2 min read
Top tips for CNG car maintenance

More people are driving CNG. Considering India's high fuel prices, everyone travelling more than 40-50 km per day worries about fuel expenses. Apart from the cost of fuel, the carbon impact is also growing significantly. Due to these reasons, people are switching to CNG cars. Of course, choosing a clean fuel makes someone a responsible citizen, but great roles come with great responsibilities. CNG cars need additional maintenance and care. This post will discuss CNG car maintenance tips.

Check the spark plug

The spark plugs used in CNG vehicles are different from those used in petrol cars. You should be certain of the spark plugs installed in your CNG car. Between the metallic tip and the spark source of a CNG plug, there is a little gap. You should use a CNG spark plug and replace it every 10,000 kilometers or six months.

Clean/replace the air filter

If you drive a CNG vehicle, you must take special care of the air filter. Because driving with a dirty air filter significantly reduces mileage. You should regularly check and clean your car's air filter to ensure proper functioning. We suggest replacing your car's air filter every 5000 kilometers for optimal performance.

Throttle body cleaning

The valve that connects the air filter on your car to the intake. While cleaning or replacing your air filter, be sure to clean your car's throttle body correctly. With this method, you can ensure the air intake operates more smoothly.

CNG reducer filter cartridge replacement

Replacement of the CNG reducer filter cartridge and the CNG low-pressure filter cartridge with O-Ring is necessary on a regular basis. Replace the former at 40,000km intervals, while the latter at 20,000km intervals.

Check the CNG tank

You should get your CNG cylinder inspected regularly. Hydro testing your CNG cylinder is now required and recommended. Alternatively, you should avoid driving your car on low CNG for an extended period since this may harm the valves and result in an explosion in the worst-case scenario. Finally, if the actual valves on your cylinder seem to be too old or worn out, you should replace them.

Check for CNG leaks

It is another one of those CNG car maintenance tips that you should avoid doing on your own. In this scenario, the only thing you should do is manually close your cylinder's outlet valve to prevent gas from leaking.

CNG compliance plate renewal

The QR code represents your CNG cylinder's record in this updated version of the CNG Compliance Plate. You should get your cylinder examined only by a government-approved agency. This CNG Compliance Plate provides together with the test report. A CNG compliance plate that has expired may result in hefty fines.

Park in a shade

Have covered parking for your compressed natural gas vehicle. It is the simplest of all the CNG vehicle maintenance tips you should follow regularly. Find a covered or shaded parking space for your CNG car. CNG includes gasoline, which evaporates more rapidly than petrol or diesel. Parking in the shade prevents evaporation of natural gas and avoids entering a hot chamber (your car).

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