5 monsoon tips for windshield wiper of your car

Jul 7, 2022 1 min read
5 monsoon tips for windshield wiper of your car

Windshield wipers are vital necessities that keep you safe on the road. Therefore, it is important to keep them maintained. Here are few windshield wiper care tips to help you during a sudden downpour.

Never run the wipers on a dry windshield

Windshield wipers are used when the windshield is wet. Using them on a dry surface can cause the wipers to wear out much more quickly than would normally. To clean a dry windshield, press the washer button first. It will keep your car topped up on windshield washer fluid.

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Tighten wiper arms

This should be done before the onset of the monsoon as they will be used frequently. Therefore, remove the plastic dust cap covering the nut with a screwdriver and then tighten the nut with a spanner.

Clean windscreen and blades

Windscreen wipers is considered very important feature in terms of safety especially in monsoons. It reduces the visibility in rains.

Moisture and soften the rubber

The hot Indian make the rubber harden and results in cracks. However, you can soften those blades by applying petroleum jelly, known as Vaseline. Just put on a piece of cloth and wipe it all over the rubber. This will soften the rubber and improve its grip on the windscreen glass.

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