Tips to prepare your car for the Ladakh trip

Aug 2, 2021 2 min read
Tips to prepare your car for the Ladakh trip

Ladakh is the wonderland of the Himalayas. People visit it for various adventures including water rafting, biking, and most importantly, picturesque beauty. Ladakh road trip is one adventure that is on the to-do list of every traveller who loves to explore.

However, for a successful road trip, you need to know about your car. The condition of your vehicle can be a matter of life and death on Ladakh road trip.

How to prep your car for a Ladakh trip:

Here few things that you should remember for your Ladakh trip.

1. Test your car

Test your car before leaving on a road trip to Ladakh.

• Check the health of tyres, how the gear shift is, and how your car performs on riding for long hours

• Listening closely if your car makes noises or shake and watch the signs in gauges

• Check your foot pedals and brakes

• Take a test drive to check the responsiveness and handling of steering wheel

3. Batteries

Batteries come with the cold-cranking amps rating or CCA. What is important to know is that a smaller battery may be sufficient in warm weather but it may not have enough power to crank up an engine in cold weather like in Ladakh. If your car batteries are old then you need to replace them.

4. Electrical wires

Check the wires and connections of the engine. Make sure the engine is working fine with no issues, change its spark plug and check other electrical and electronic equipment.

5. Cleaning

Clean your car seats and glasses. Change the bulbs and battery.  Make sure you keep the needed essentials of your car including glass washing fluid and dry cotton cloth to wipe the glasses whenever required.

6. Coolant

Make sure that your car's coolant is top up and there is no leakage. You cannot take any risk with the engine heating up and giving you a hard time. The radiator tubes and fins should be washed and cleaned with high-pressure water.

7. Clutch plates

Burnt out clutch plates can fail anytime at high altitudes due to extensive usage of clutch and brakes. Make sure that your clutch plates are in good shape.

8. Oil

Change your engine oil before heading to Ladakh. It is also recommended to carry some extra engine oil in case you need to top up.

9. Wipers

Make sure your car wipers are in good condition to handle rains and snowfall. Worn out wiper rubber can make squeaking sound, scratch your car's windshield, and will not clear the glass properly.

10. Tool kit & Documentation

Keep the essentials tools with you in the car while travelling.

• Spare tyre

• Puncture repair kit

• Spare tube

• Stepney

• Foot pump

• Spare headlights

• Coolant and engine oil

• Spare fuses

• Fuel pipe

• Some nuts and bolts

• Fire extinguisher

• Extra fuel

  • Anti-freeze liquid to put in fuel tank, radiator, and glass washing liquid

Important documents

• ID proof

• Vehicle documents

  • Inner-line permit

A demanding road trip like Ladakh can be taxing not only for travellers but also for vehicles. Finding mechanics during the trip is very difficult. Thus it is advisable to prepare your car well before leaving for the trip.

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