Tips to increase car clutch plate life

Sep 20, 2021 2 min read
Tips to increase car clutch plate life

When you drive a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch is one of the most important components in your car. It is a sensitive component that acts as a link between the engine and the transmission. It naturally wears out and you need to get it replaced periodically. The good news is that there are some habits that you can try to make your vehicle's clutch last as long as possible.

Avoid riding the clutch

This is the best tip, however it can be a hard habit to break. Most of the drivers have this habit of resting their foot on the clutch pedal. If you ride the clutch all the time with your foot, it will put unnecessary pressure. When you are not using the clutch, make sure you do not rest your foot on it. The clutch pedal should either be fully pressed or completely untouched. Use the clutch only when necessary to slow down its wear and tear.

Use handbrake

Another common mistake that lot of people do is not using the handbrake. While stopping, many people tend to use the clutch to stop the car from rolling backwards at an inclined surface. By doing that, you don't get enough power to move forward without jerks and a lot of load is applied on clutch. Instead, use handbrakes and take your foot off the breaks.

Don't use the clutch while braking

It is observed that people press the brake and clutch pedals simultaneously while braking. You are only sacrificing a lot of braking force by taking the load away but also cause unnecessary clutch usage. It is always advised to press the clutch first before pushing the brake pedal.

Use neutral while waiting at signals

We have witnessed many people using the clutch to keep the car at stationary while stopping at a red signal. Pressing the clutch while waiting for the signal is something that shouldn't be done. This allows you to avoid clutch slippage and keep the engine working smoother.

Use the clutch when only in use

The clutch is a mechanical linkage which is very much necessary. Therefore, you should use it as and when it is needed but there are certain places where pressing the clutch becomes unnecessary.

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