Tips to buy a new set of tyres for your car

Sep 14, 2020 2 min read
Tips to buy a new set of tyres for your car

Tyres go through a lot of wear and tear. Being the only point of contact with the road, it is essential to invest in a good pair after thorough due diligence.

There is no denying the fact that car tyres are your car’s most important component that faces the maximum amount of wear and tear. After all, they are the vehicle’s only contact with the road. If you are one of those who will be buying it for the first time and not sure from where you should start your search, what exactly you need to look for. Then it is right time to consider this blog and learn about the important things that you need to check while buying the radials online in India.

Tubeless tyres

While selecting between tubeless and tube-type tyres, you should always go for tubeless ones as they are much more advanced and safer than the tube-type tyres. In addition to that, they have some other advantages as well like lesser leakage of air. Furthermore, you do not have to get alloy wheels to install tubeless tyres. Your steel wheels will also do pretty good with them given that they are rust free and have an anti-rust coating inside.

Size of the tyre

While buying new tyres, one should give special attention to the size. A tyre’s size is listed on its sidewalls for your reference. Replacement of tyres should always match what’s noted in your owner’s manual or car door jamb, not necessarily what’s currently on your vehicle.

Know the Right Time For Replacement

You don’t have to be an experienced auto mechanic to know enough about the right time to replace your tyres. Take time to look at all five tyres including the spare one. Do they look worn or damaged? Do they pass the coin test? Insert a coin into the tyre tread. It is advisable to put the coin towards the center of the tyre. If its head isn’t partially hidden by the tyre, the tyre needs to be replaced right now.

Tread Pattern

Choosing the tread pattern of your tyres is another critical task. Tread pattern of a tyre plays a major role in your overall driving experience as they are responsible for the performance of your car in different weather conditions. They are responsible for channeling the water away when you are driving through a waterlogged area.

Think Twice About Warranty

Manufacturers often offer mileage warranties, typically between 50,000 to 80,000 miles. However, if the truth to be told, drivers never get that kind of mileage from their tyres. And the heavier the vehicle is, the lesser you should expect, no matter how well you drive. It also depends on how you drive your car. If you are habitual to abrupt braking and instant acceleration, then your tyre will wear down more quickly.

Rubber Compound

The rubber material used in making the tyre is the most important criteria to be kept in mind while buying a tyre. It is responsible for the traction and the tread wear characteristics of a tyre. If you buy a tyre that is made off high-quality material, then the traction and the speed rating of the tyre will be high. It also helps you get a good grip on your car.

Hope these points will help you in your next tyre shopping!

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