Should you get Tinted Window Glasses for your Car?

Oct 19, 2019 2 min read
Should you get Tinted Window Glasses for your Car?

There are many reasons why one would want black windows, or tinted glasses in their car, but should you really get them? Does your government allow it?

You may wish to get tinted glasses in your car for one of the following reasons:

  • To block the sun rays during the hot summer time.
  • To get additional privacy in your vehicle.
  • They look awesome.

Whatever the reason maybe, it is illegal to install tinted glasses in your car in India.

Why Illegal?

The tinted glasses were becoming a reason behind the increasing number of crimes in moving vehicles. This made the Supreme Court slap a 100 percent ban on them in 2012.

As per the law, any kind of modification to the car’s window is not allowed and would attract a traffic police challan. As per Rule 100 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, windows of the car need to have a minimum visibility of 50% while those of front and rear glasses should be at least 70%.

ALSO- This is allowed only if the tinted glasses are manufactured and fitted by the car manufacturer and are not retrofitted.

Blocking the windows for privacy or using sun shades to escape the heat is also illegal.

There is an exception for high profile people who are allowed to use dark glasses for security reasons. For this, legitimate permission is required from the Home Minister and concerned police authorities of the state. Hence, only VVIPs with Z or Z+ security cover are allowed to used dark/tinted glasses on their car windows.

What are your ALTERNATIVES?


Considering the plight of drivers and passengers, AIS (Asahi India Glass) has come up with a solution after a lot of research and development. AIS has developed an innovative Dark Green UV Cut glass which is capable of blocking harmful UV sun-rays and is also approved by the RTO. Hence, it is completely legal to install these glasses in your car.


However, this is an expensive option to consider. For people looking for an option in the budget, it is advisable to go with heat resistant clear films that prevent the excessive heat from entering the car. In addition, since it is a transparent film, it never draws the attention of law enforcement officials.


You can also use porous sun shades to partially block sunlight and get some privacy too. But this isn’t a full-proof solution as cops might stop and ask you to remove the sun shades.

Though it is against the law to cover your windows with permanent tint, you can look around for options that allow you to enjoy the benefits of having a tinted window.

Happy Driving!

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