This state gets first FASTag-enabled parking system

Dec 5, 2022 1 min read
This state gets first FASTag-enabled parking system

Jammu and Kashmir has got first FASTag-enabled parking system that was launched at general bus stand, an official said. The parking was started by Dheeraj Gupta, the Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development.

He also requested the citizens to maintain traffic discipline by parking their vehicles at respective spaces.

This initiative took place because of a partnership between Jammu Development Authority (JDA) and IDFC First Bank. This administration is committed to provide support to put in place an effective traffic management system in Union Territory.

This will allow smooth cashless, and paperless parking facilities. As per the official, the parking works via an app named as 'Park' that allows people search for, book and prepay for parking.

Also, they can also use the FASTag on their cars to pay for parking spot without any human interference.

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