This four-wheeler scooter has GPS tracker, smart locker

Sep 30, 2022 1 min read
This four-wheeler scooter has GPS tracker, smart locker

The Dragonfly has introduced the electric scooter with four-wheelers, which is being touted as the world's first hyper-scooter. It seems like a Segway Version from the British Micro mobility startup, built to reinvent micro mobility with safety, technology and function.

It comes with a number of path breaking-technology like a full tilt-technology which allows riders to steer on either two or four wheels. It also has various hi-tech functionalities such as, turn signals, grade highlights, a horn, a digital trip computer, a GPS tracker, and a small locker that disables the electric drive until a PIN is entered.

It has a limited top speed of 25mph, 40mph or less. The range is upto 40 km based on the ow fast you are. It is available in four rides mode.

It also comes with a four-wheel independent damped suspension, braking and an ultra-low center of gravity. The scooter features a fully independent dual wishbone suspension at all corners. It also features a carbon-fiber platform which rides on 10-inch slick tires. The hydraulic suspension available on the model can be fully adjusted.

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