Third Registration Plate On All BS6 Compliant Vehicles To Get Unique ID Mark

Jul 15, 2020 2 min read
Third Registration Plate On All BS6 Compliant Vehicles To Get Unique ID Mark

Be it your scooter, BS6 car, bike, or any other vehicle, a new order for the same has been passed in compliance with the new emission norms. The norms clearly state that if you are planning to buy a vehicle, it will now get its own unique identity. As per the report made by PTI, the decision of the Indian government with regards to the Unique ID mark is now mandatory for all the BS6 vehicles.

But if you already have a BS6 vehicle, then you don't have to worry as the order will become effective from 1 October 2020.

What The Order States?

As per the order made from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it states that all vehicles shall get a Central Government-mandated BS6 compliant sticker.

For a petrol vehicle, the colour will be a blue sticker and diesel cars have orange colours. The official notification further states that the green strip of 1 cm will be fit at the top in the third registration plate that will have the colour coding for the fuel used in the vehicle. There is a chromium-based hologram applied with hot stamping that is visible on the left side of the number plate. It shall be placed at the back and front.

Other than this there shall also be laser branding of permanent identification number of 10 digits be made with reflective sheeting on the bottom left of the number plate. The green label signifies that the vehicle is BS6 compliant model and fulfils all the pollution compliance norms.

The Concept Of The Third Registration Plate

In the year 2018, there was the Motor Vehicles (High-Security Registration Plates) regulation that was passed. The new regulation is nothing but an extension of this previous order. In the previous order, it was declared that cars shall be fitted with tamper-proof plates and with high security. The plate will also be fitted on inside part of the windshield for the entire new manufactured car which is also said to be the third registration plate.

This order can prove to be of great help as the colour coding is quite effective. It helps in detecting the vehicles that are polluted and different from the non-polluting options. Looking at the increasing environmental pollution, such a step can surely benefit many shortly.

We must say that the technology is really catching up in the auto sector!

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