Things You Will Like In All-New 2020 Verna

Jul 18, 2020 2 min read
Things You Will Like In All-New 2020 Verna

Hyundai has launched the 2020 facelift version of its popular sedan Verna. The newly-launched sedan has got major cosmetic updates and a new 1-5-litre diesel engine. It will now also offer a 1.0-litre turbo petrol.

Let us check out all the details.


The best part about 2020 Verna is the design. It has always been known for bold cuts and curves. And the new new Verna will not disappoint you. The facelift has got the inspiration from the concept car Le Fit Rouge which was showcased in 2020 Auto expo. With a bold new grille, dual-tone alloy wheels, chrome finishing, Verna surely looks classy.

New Instrumentation

Verna now comes with an all-new digital instrument cluster with easy-to-read graphics. It matches the quality of premium sedans. However, its speedometer is still analog. The MID looks inspired from BMW's new electronic infotainment.

New Infotainment

Another best part of 2020 Verna is the new infotainment. The 10.25cm full-colour multi-info display lifts the premium feel of the cabin. There is a now a stick out display panel which sits a little high up and in line with the instrumentation. Along with is there is a sweet Arkamys audio unit which is the same as before.

Bluelink Connected Tech

Thanks to technology advancement, the upgraded Verna has the cabin with BlueLink connected tech which makes it a rich technology suite. Apart from this, there is also a pre-cooling cabin and remote-start feature in the car to make your driving a lot more comfortable. The BlueLink brings an additional layer of safety since it has vehicle tracking functionality and SOS capabilities.

All-Black Cabin

The all-new Verna of 2020 has an all-black cabin in its 1.0-litre trim. The all-back treatment received a contract of red-effect in the form of stitching on seats and red colour air-con vent controls. It looks premium but the presence of hard plastic on dashboard is not quite eye-appealing.

Smart Boot

Another best part about 2020 Vern is the Smart boot functionality. You simply have to get close to the trunk. But you need to have the key in your pocket and it will get unlocked automatically. This simple tech of Verna is quite a handy feature when your both hand are occupied with luggage.

Its colour options include grey, white, blue, and fiery red. The starting on-road price of the car is around 10 lacs.

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