Things You Cannot Do In A SUPERCAR On Indian Roads

Feb 14, 2020 2 min read
Things You Cannot Do In A SUPERCAR On Indian Roads

With the good comes the bad. Owning a supercar in India is highly mighty, but it comes with its own set of limitations. While sitting inside a Ferrari would give you great feeling, Indian roads are not the best place to drive it on.

Everyone wants to drive a supercar. Musical exhaust notes to ability to cross triple digit speeds in seconds, supercars offers the best of automobile technology. This is the reason that they cost crores of rupees in India. But is it worth investing such exorbitant amount of money on a two-seater car in India that comes with its unique set of limitations?

Let us dive into the details and find out the things that you can’t do with a supercar in India.

1. You Can’t Drive At The Top Speed

India is infamous for potholes and poorly built roads. And poor implementation of traffic rules makes it impossible to drive freely at high speeds. Aside majority of roads in Indian cities have a speed limit of 50-60 kph. That leaves sports car owners with two options - either drive on expressways that offer the speed limit of upto 120 kph or rent a slot on race track if they want to drive even faster.

With powerful engines, sports cars reach 120 kph within seconds and nobody follow lane rules in Indian highways. Hence, you will be forced to slow down repeatedly. You won’t be able to use even 10 percent of the power present in the car’s engine. Killing the thrill! Racing tracks are not available in every city. Hence, Indian owners can’t really justify the ownership of sports cars that are meant to fly on roads.

2. You Can Get Stuck On Speed Breakers

We have seen several viral videos and images where sports car are seen struggling to cross a speed breaker in India. Remember that infamous video of Bugatti Veyron struggling to cross a speed breaker in Hyderabad? Sports cars are built as per the European and American road standards and when they are imported to India, they get stuck on high speed breakers.

3. You Can’t Enjoy The Convertible Feature

Convertible sports cars simply don’t fit the polluted and extreme environment of India. In larger part of India; monsoon, summer and winter season - all are extreme. Hence, sports car owners get a very small window to enjoy pleasant weather while driving in their convertibles.

4. Expensive and Difficult Maintenance

Just like supercars, their parts are also imported on demand. Hence, in case you damage your car in an accident then there is a high possibility that you car could be gone for weeks or even months as importing original parts on demand is a time taking process. Many supercars are limited edition models that means that their production is stopped. In such cases, manufacturers first manufacture that particular part and then it is shipped to India. The entire process takes months of wait.

5. You Can't Park In Peace

Supercars have a lot of fan following and attracts a lot of enthusiasts in India. When parked on the road, supercar grabs the eyeball of every passerby. People try to touch the body panels, click selfies and even sit on the bonnet of the car to get clicked in a ‘cool’ pose. All this leads to accumulation of scratches and minor dents. Hence, it is never to park a supercar in peace on Indian roads.

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