Things to avoid with an automatic transmission

Jul 27, 2021 2 min read
Things to avoid with an automatic transmission

Avoid costly transmission repairs. Read these tips for keeping a car with an automatic transmission in good condition.

Automatic transmission is way more convenient and easy to drive, however, if not done right, can cost you a huge maintenance. There are a few things that you can do to protect it from failure and extend the life of your automatic transmission.

Never drive without warming the engine

It is advisable to allow your engine to warm up for at least 30 seconds before driving, especially in a cold climate. It helps the engine to get to the normal temperature for smoother functioning.

Never put car in neutral while downhill coasting

Never drive an automatic vehicle downhill while on neutral. It reduces your control on the car, only being able to slow down, not speed up. You can't accelerate from a difficult scenario, you lose engine braking, risk of overheating the brakes while going downhill.

Avoid doing launches

Launches are when your car is at a standstill and you suddenly accelerate the vehicle at full speed. Doing this can wear out your transmission band which can be very costly.

Never use two feet

Using both feet while driving an automatic car can result to a crash if you happen to press both pedals at the same time. It can also stress out the brake fluid, transmission fluid, torque converter, and the car. You can buy a car that automatically engages the braking system when both pedals are pressed at the same time, if you wish to drive an automatic car.

Never switch to "Park" before an automatic car stops completely

You should never put your vehicle into park until you have reached a complete stop. But, it might be possible that you hurriedly switch to park. This can cause harm to the transmission of your car. The parking gear is is meant to hold the car still while it is parked, but not meant to work instead of brakes. Therefore, never switch to ‘Park’ before an automatic car stops completely.

Never rest your hand on gear stick

Resting your hand on the gear lever may cause you to unintentionally apply pressure to the internal parts. Two things can happen when you have the habit of resting your hand on gear stick - early wear and tear of the shifter rail. This is the easiest mistake to overcome when remembering things to avoid with an automatic gearbox.

Never drive frequently with less fuel

Contaminants or foreign particles can make space at the bottom of the fuel tank of your car over a while. When you drive on low fuel, these particles can enter the engine. It is harmful for your vehicle in the long run.

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