Video: Family jumps out of the car as it rolls down a cliff

Aug 9, 2021 1 min read
Video: Family jumps out of the car as it rolls down a cliff

A car parked at the edge of a cliff suddenly started rolling down in China. 2 people were able to escape but a front passenger went down with the car.

This horrific event took place in China’s Xinjiang valley near the Duku highway, where a car got filmed rolling down one of the cliffs. The owner had parked his car to enjoy the views with the family. But this beautiful scene turned out to be horrific when the car started rolling on its own.

Car had three people sitting inside it when it happened. It is said that out of the three, two people were able to get out of the car, a young boy and an old woman sitting in the back seats of the car.

The one stuck in the car turned out to be a woman who failed to unlock her seat belt in time and went down the cliff with the car. No one could save her from that as this accident happened in a matter of seconds. Onlookers were forced to see the horrific incident. Luckily the woman who was trapped survived the fall and injured her hips as mentioned by the County Emergency Management Bureau.

People speculated that it could have happened due to the snapping of a cable or due to failed handbrakes.

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