Video: Tesla owner blows his car into pieces with 30 kg dynamite

Dec 22, 2021 1 min read
Video: Tesla owner blows his car into pieces with 30 kg dynamite

Cars from Tesla offer cutting-edge technology, enabling owners to enjoy world-class features that make the vehicle a valued asset. However, a customer from Finland was unhappy when he was told that the repair cost for his Tesla would be roughly 20,000 Euro. And this large sum led to a 'bizarre' incident.

Unhappy customer Jaala from Kymenlaakso, South Finland, blew up his Tesla with 30kg dynamite. Even though only a few people were around to see the mind-blowing incident live, the 2013 Tesla Model S owner was there to capture it on video for the world to see.

On Sunday, YouTube channel Pommijatkat published the video featuring a few volunteers who agreed to help capture the mind-boggling act performed in a rural abandoned quarry covered in beautiful white snow.

First, the video shows a wide shot of Finland's snow-covered countryside. A voiceover described the country's difficulties in life as a preparation for the next step, which was an explosion.

He explained why he blew up his "excellent car," Tuomas Katainen, said that the first 1500 kilometers were "nice," but things went wrong after that. He then called a tow vehicle to take his car to the dealer for a more extensive repair job.

After a month of observation, the dealer told him that he had no option but to replace the entire battery cell of his high-tech car. Katainen estimated that it would cost at least 20,000 Euros. A montage shows Katainen joining the circuit and dynamiting the car as the video plays.

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