Is Tesla Model X Finally Coming To India?

Jan 21, 2020 2 min read
Is Tesla Model X Finally Coming To India?

Being an SUV-obsessed market, it is expected that Tesla might enter the Indian auto market with its SUV offering Model X. Top class safety, aerodynamic design with the lowest drag coefficient features, cargo space, great range and mind blowing performance make it one of the most desirable SUVs in the world.

Tesla fans in India have been eagerly waiting for the US-manufacturer to launch its range of electric vehicles. With 2020, just a few days ahead, it seems that the wait is going to end. In social media interaction and conversation during his visit to India, Elon Musk has reiterated time and again that he is planning to enter the Indian market by 2020.

Let us have a deeper look at what Tesla Model X has to offer.

1. Interiors

Model X comes equipped with Tesla’s signature 17-inches touchscreen infotainment system that is mated to 17 speakers delivering surround sound. It supports USB, Bluetooth and internet radio. It offers heated front seats and heated steering wheel for added comfort but that would be debatable in the Indian market given its climatic conditions. Seats are built with premium leather and front row comes equipped with 12-way power adjustable function with memory feature.

It will come with a 7-seat configuration with flat folding to capability to maximize the cargo space. The interiors are made intuitive through ambient lighting system. Tesla SUV offers auto dimming IRVM to enhance the comfort of the driver. It is aesthetically done with a panoramic windshield and has double-hinged falcon doors.

2. Performance

Tesla’s luxury SUV comes equipped with an all wheel drive (AWD) set up. It is powered by two 259 horsepower (193 kilowatts) motors placed on rear and front wheel. Its performance edition is powered by 259 hp (193 kW) on front and 503 hp (375 kW) on rear.

Model X can hit the mark of 100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. This also makes it the fastest electric SUV in the world.

3. Safety Features

Tesla Model X comes loaded with 8 airbags, all-wheel ABS, traction control, electronic stability and electric parking brakes. Its other safety features include anti-theft alarm, crash sensor, 36-degree camera and engine immobiliser. Its sophisticated anti-collision technology is powered through a forward facing radar that has a range of 160 meter to view distant objects and 12 ultrasonic sensors to prevent crash.

4. Range

The luxury SUV offers a range of around 474 km with a single charge. Users can get a range of up to 273 km by charging for just 30 minutes through Tesla’s supercharger.

5. Expected Price

Tesla is expected to import Model X to India as a completely built unit (CBU) that would attract high excise duty. Tesla Model X will be priced anywhere between ₹ 60 to 70 lakh.

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