Tesla Model 3 to be launched in India in 2021

Jan 5, 2021 2 min read
Tesla Model 3 to be launched in India in 2021

Tesla is finally all set to launch its Model 3 in the Indian market in 2021. However, it is expected to cost a fortune as it will be imported as a CBU.

Tesla, the world’s most valuable automaker, is all set to enter the Indian market in 2021. After years of teasing, it seems that the company has launch plans that are finally taking shape. Tesla had been planning the launch in India for the past four years however, it was only in October 2020 that CEO Elon Musk confirmed the entry of Tesla.

Now, according to a report in ET Auto, Tesla will launch their US electric vehicle giant first car in India by June 2021 that will bring it's most affordable Model 3, as well as their best selling car today by. The report states that Tesla plans to open bookings from Jan 2021.

Though, the company had plans to bring the Model 3 here in 2017. The company even started with its pre-bookings in 2016, however, the EV maker delayed its plans due to India's import policy and lack of infrastructure, as per the report. However, the plan seems to be taking off now.

Just like in international markets, Tesla is expected to follow the direct sales model in India as well and the cars will be imported via completely built unit (CBU) route and is probably going to be priced from ₹55 lakh onwards. Also, it won't be selling them via dealerships. Instead, the company will bank upon digital sales, without appointing any dealers here. According to the company’s results in the 3rd quarter of 2020, the company's Model Y along with the Model 3 accounted for 89% of the total sales.

Performance wise, the Model 3 comes with a 60kw hour lithium-ion battery pack. With it's top speed of 162 Kmph, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 3.1 seconds. Apart from this, the Model 3 also offers range of 500 km. It comes in three different variants, the Standard Range or the Standard Range plus (RWD – Rear Wheel Drive), the Long Range and the Long-Range performance (AWD – All Wheel Drive.) So far, there's no official confirmation regarding the launch dates.

Also, Tesla reportedly has been exploring options to set up a plant in India. Earlier reports mentioned that Tesla may set up an R&D center in Bengaluru and its first facility may be set up in either Kerala or Maharashtra.

However, despite all the euphoria around the new model, it is unlikely that the vehicle will make a big impact in the country. In a price-sensitive country like India, the high price tag makes it unaffordable to the masses, its range limitations could limit its usability in the country which is still taking the initial steps to make its roads friendly to electric vehicles. Reports suggest that the company has achieved the desired numbers for Model S and Model X and the main focus is to push the numbers for Model 3 and that’s how the Indian plan may help the company.

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