Tesla car features not required in India

Jan 22, 2021 2 min read
Tesla car features not required in India

Tesla cars are known for their cutting-edge software features and autonomous driving tech. Can it work in India? Let us find out.

Tesla cars are known for its tech savvy features, safety, and market-first gimmicks. With its cutting-edge features, it is first known as the technology company and then as a car company all over the world. With the news of Tesla coming to India, you must be wondering about all the software features that you might get with the car. However, Tesla might not offer all the features that it offers in the American and European markets.

Here are a few Tesla car features that might not work perfectly on the Indian road conditions.

Autonomous driving

Even after Tesla asking its owners to always keep hands on the steering wheel while the car is on AutoPilot mode, driver are seen reading, texting, sleeping, and more. Tesla owners are relying solely on AutoPilot technology to reach their destinations "safely". However, the same system might not work on the congested Indian roads where people also break traffic rules and not follow lane driving.

Even if Tesla decides to bring AutoPilot feature to India, it will have to undergo rigorous testing by the Indian authorities to make sure it is perfectly safe.

With rising cases of drink and drive in India, it might not be the right time to introduce this feature to the Indian market.

In-car gaming

In-car gaming is the new fad among Tesla car owners. With autonomous driving, many Tesla owners enjoy in-car gaming on the move. But can it work in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of India? We are not sure.

Customized honking

India is already suffering with the sound of customized horns. From truck drivers honking Bollywood jingles to car owners using sirens to get past through the traffic, there is already a lot of illegal usage of horns in India. With Tesla's customized honking feature, this menace will grow more. From creating a fart sound to playing Christmas carols, Tesla car can honk a lot of horns. We doubt, authorities will allow this feature in India.

Ludicrous Mode

Tesla's Ludicrous Mode boosts the car to reach from zero to 100 kmph at blazing fast speeds. This supercar feature can encourage rash driving in India. Given the condition of city traffic in India, this feature can be lethal for people on the road.

India as a country is still not mature in terms in driving. From poor enforcement of traffic rules to rash drivers, a lot of hazards are already present on Indian. These 4 above mentioned features might increase the trouble for RTO authorities.

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