"Tesla baby" delivered in Tesla car on autopilot mode

Dec 20, 2021 1 min read
"Tesla baby" delivered in Tesla car on autopilot mode

While on their way to the hospital to deliver their second child, Yiran and Keating Sherry of Philadelphia turned their Tesla into a real delivery vehicle. They were stuck in traffic and her husband Keating had to put the Tesla on Autopilot to help with the delivery of their daughter Maeve. When Tesla reached the hospital, the nurses went into the car and cut Maeve's umbilical cord, marking Maeve as the first true "Tesla baby."

The Philadelphian couple used Tesla Autopilot mode to deliver their second child. Contractions started throughout the night, but Yiran and Keating expected them to stay like this before they reach the hospital. The child had different plans and forced the family into their Tesla with a three-year-old son.

Yiran finally chose to make an emergency delivery in their Tesla as they were stuck in the traffic and the ETA to the hospital was 20 minutes.

After inputting the hospital's address, the father of the baby set the Tesla to Autopilot mode as he attempted to help his wife give birth while also comforting their son during the traffic congestion.

The entire incident happened in less than 20 minutes. Upon arrival at the hospital, Yiran said, "Keating, oh my god.  She's no longer here," crouched down in front of the Tesla's front passenger seat. Fortunately, a paediatrician just in front called the nurses, who successfully cut the umbilical cord of the baby girl right there in the Tesla. According to her father, she and the rest of the family are currently doing well.

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