Take a sneak peek into Apple's upcoming 3D car model

Nov 14, 2021 2 min read
Take a sneak peek into Apple's upcoming 3D car model

Based on official Apple patents, the car professionals at Vanarama have built an amazing interactive 3D model of what they believe the Apple Car will look like. The idea shows both the exterior and interior design of the car. The model explains design decisions with the use of helpful notes that go through the relevant Apple patent in depth. It's the best look yet at some of the concepts Apple may use in its future car project.

Because the Apple Car is a high-priority project, the Cupertino-based tech giant is strictly protecting its confidentiality, and the corporation isn't revealing anything about it. On the other hand, Apple's ever-increasing patent portfolio indicates that the company is working on something significant in the car industry.

Exterior design

The Apple car rendering seems similar to Tesla's boxy Cybertruck from the exterior. Even so, it's not quite as angular as the Cybertruck, which claims to have a futuristic design but is angular and quirky on the interior.

The car has a pillarless structure, a windshield, windows, and a sunroof. It includes adaptable doors with sloping windows that enable extra headroom while boarding.

Apple Car

While not patent-pending, Vanarama has designed it as a sleek SUV with the iPhone 4's matte white finish. A mesh-like grille on the car's front, inspired by the Mac Pro's circular vents, given a glowing Apple logo from prior generation MacBooks. The car's retractable door handles look like iPhone side buttons.

Interior design

It has an automated assistant, Siri, built into the steering wheel within the car. It also comes with a customizable dashboard that allows drivers to control the car's interior, including the air conditioning and sound system. The dashboard and center console have a seamless display with no bulky edges or borders.

Apple Car
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