Spinny Buyback: Flexible Ownership

Sep 21, 2021 2 min read
Spinny Buyback: Flexible Ownership

When talking of car ownership, many people associate an ownership period of 5 or more years. This is mostly due to the high on-road price of a new car and the relatively lower prices offered for exchange at the time of upgrade. Owning a car for at least 5 years allows many people to maximize the initial investment they put into owning the car.

However, for people preferring short ownership periods, the high initial investment and variable resale value pose a significant challenge to overcome. Most resort to opting for car subscription programmes to have a car to drive but lose out much of the freedom and flexibility of owning their own car. This where the Spinny Buyback programme offers immense flexibility and benefits to people who prefer driving the car of their choice for short ownership durations. Here are some five reasons you should consider opting for the Spinny Buyback programme.

Free choice of car

Visit any car subscription service online and you will have a limited selection of cars to choose from. While popular mass market cars are readily available, you may not be able to find the car you prefer. In contrast, Spinny Buyback gives you the freedom to choose any car you desire, from a feature-loaded hatchback to a spacious premium sedan. With more variety, you can drive the car that is suited to your needs without any compromises.

Flexible tenures

When it comes to owning a car, the first thought is of being committed to a car for more than 3 years to make the most of the investment. With Spinny Buyback, you can opt for 6, 12, or 18 month tenures with the option of owning the car indefinitely after this. The flexible tenures provide a commitment-free ownership experience, where you can drive how you like, where you like.

Guaranteed Resale Value

It is a known fact that cars are depreciating assets and lose their value every year. With shorter ownership periods, many people are wary of the variable resale value of cars which can significantly reduce what you get back when it is time to sell your car. By providing a guaranteed buyback value, Spinny Buyback ensures you receive the value that you deserve after the end of your ownership tenure.

Lower ownership costs

Cost of ownership is the money you spend to maintain the car in addition to the initial investment you make. Since the cars you buy in the Spinny Buyback programme are Spinny Assured used cars, your initial investment is significantly lower than buying a new car. With a lower value, your insurance premiums are also lower while maintenance costs only need to be factored in for the yearly service. This reduces your overall ownership costs while also giving you the option to take advantage of the guaranteed resale value.

Complete freedom to drive

One major advantage for considering a used car under the Spinny Buyback programme is the immense freedom to drive the way you want, without any restrictions. Subscribing to a car often comes with additional restrictions regarding what you do within the car, how much you can drive, and where you can drive the car. Spinny Buyback gives you complete freedom of ownership.

Owning a car for a short period of time is fast becoming an attractive form of car ownership that reduces the commitment while making mobility more accessible. Spinny Buyback makes this form of ownership even more attractive by guaranteeing resale value while also providing more choice and freedom to drive the way you want.

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