Smart Card Driving License- More Than Just Your Permit to Drive

Jun 24, 2019 1 min read
Smart Card Driving License- More Than Just Your Permit to Drive

Regular DLs are boring. Smart card Driving Licenses (SCDL) are the new upgrades. An SCDL looks exactly like your regular DL, but is so much more than just a plastic card.

It is a tamper-proof card that has a 64kb microprocessor chip embedded in it. This chip contains all the information of the card holder in it. The data stored is as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Thumb and fingerprint
  • Blood group
  • Retina scan
  • Body markings

The SCDL contains all the personal and biometric data of the holder, in case of emergencies or theft of the card. But you will first need to check with your RTO whether they issue it or not. SCDL facility is not yet available in every state.

The eligibility criteria and documents needed for an SCDL are the same as those for a regular DL. There are no extra formalities for you to get involved into. You can submit the application online or offline based on your comfort.

Advantages of a SCDL

  1. Every person has his or her unique set of biometric data. Since all of this is stored on a chip, it becomes difficult to fake identities. Also, the chip can be read only through special devices which makes it difficult to tamper the details stored on them.
  2. SCDL is helpful in preventing the issue of fake registration certificates and fraudulent driving licenses.
  3. The authorities can quickly scan the chip and know the details of the card holder. This is greatly helpful in ensuring more road safety and rules.

Good-to-know Facts

  1. It is not necessary to get your normal DL converted to a smart card driving license. It is entirely your decision to make this upgrade.
  2. If you do wish to get the conversion, you only need to submit an application with your RTO and be available for your biometric verification.
  3. An SCDL is valid for 20 years, or until you turn 50, whichever comes earlier.
  4. On expiration, you can easily get it renewed by contacting your RTO.
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