Small car from a luxury brand or big car from a mainstream brand?

Mar 11, 2021 2 min read
Small car from a luxury brand or big car from a mainstream brand?

We all have a dream to own a car from a luxury brand? But should you own the entry level spec or go with a larger car from a mainstream brand?

If you have 30 to 50 lakhs to spend on a car then you might face the dilemma of buying a smaller luxury car or go with a bigger car from a mainstream brand. At one side the lure of a Mercedes or BMW logo looks compelling and on the other side the practicality of a normal brand seems a more viable option.

But we Indians are a sucker for labels and brands. So, is it really worth it to go with an entry level luxury car?

Without confusing you any more, let us find out how to take the best decision.

Pros of Buying a Big Car from Mainstream Brand

Better Value

Mainstream cars priced same as an entry level luxury is not only bigger but also offers a lot of kit and features. It is equipped with all the tech and equipment like all wheel drive (AWD) and third row seat which is generally not available in the lower spec of luxury brand.

Lesser Depreciation

Used cars like Toyota Fortuner  or Skoda Octavia command a great resale value even after doing a couple of lakh kilometers on oddo. However, luxury cars depreciate at a faster pace. You may witness up to 30 percent depreciation in the first year only depending upon the conditon of your luxury car.

Affordable Maintenance

Luxury are both expensive to buy and maintain. You need to pay an obscene amount of money on a regular basis to service, maintain, and repair a luxury car. On the other hand, you own a Toyota Fortuner or a Ford Endeavor; maintenance and repair costs are significantly less.

More Comfortable

Unlike a Toyota Camry or Ford Endeavor, an entry level luxury car will offer a cramped space. If you will look at the back seat space of Mercedes C-Class or a BMW X1, you might change your mind. On top of that, majority of luxury models offer mediocre low speed ride quality due firmer suspension setup.

Easier to Own

Parking is a big hassle in India; especially in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and more. You would think 10 times before parking your luxury car on the roadside but you can instantly park your Fortuner at the same spot.

Also, if you own a SUV like Endevaor, you wouldn't mind taking the car for offroading and have some adventure. But you, wouldn't do the same with your Range Rover due to costlier repair and service. For reference, it costs around Rs 3 lakh to replace headlights of Range Rover and another 1 lakh to repair dents.

Larger Service Network

In tier-2 cities, you can easily get the service station of a Toyota, Ford, or Mahindra. But you might not get a reliable service station of a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Volvo.

CarInfo hopes, above mentioned points will help make a more informed decision.

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