Skoda sub-four-meter SUV coming to India

Dec 1, 2021 1 min read
Skoda sub-four-meter SUV coming to India

The VW Group unveiled the Skoda Kushaq mid-size SUV earlier this year as the first car under its India 2.0 plan, and the Skoda Slavia sedan will follow shortly. The Czech carmaker is also working on a model that might see it enter the competitive small SUV segment as part of its next phase, as per Thomas Schäfer, chairman of the board of Skoda Auto.

2.5 project of Skoda in India

Skoda, a Volkswagen Group company, has recently started development of the MQB A0 platform. "The MQB A0 platform is very essential since used in India, South Africa, South America, and other nations, and it contains 70% of the car's value," Schäfer said. Schäfer explained. In India, the Kushaq and Slavia and their VW twins built on a localized platform known as MQB A0 IN.

Being in charge of the platform gives Skoda more flexibility when designing new models, such as the small SUV. "If you depend on someone else for 70% of the car, that's not possible." But now that we've given the task, we can truly dive in and do it."

"However, there is still homework to do," he immediately added. It isn't an easy car. We haven't completed it yet. That's why it's called [India] 2.5 – it's just an idea, a working title. But we'll see; maybe in the future it'll have a [India] 3.0 and a 4.0."

While Skoda has said that it is studying the feasibility of a sub-4m variant, VW has still to confirm an internal sister model. The German carmaker may not want to compete in the highly affordable compact SUV segment. "Just because we've taken the initiative doesn't mean Volkswagen isn't going to join us." Schäfer stated, "It is the first step." "Don't think Volkswagen isn't a part of this adventure; it's not true. However, we must prove that [small SUV] is feasible."

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