Samsung's new mouse will stop working if you work after office hours

Sep 14, 2022 1 min read
Samsung's new mouse will stop working if you work after office hours

Samsung has come up with a new computer mouse which will stop working after the scheduled office hours, preventing users from overworking. The mouse will run away from the desk the moment you start working a lot. It will act like a real mouse but also looks like one.

The video has been uploaded on Samsung's Korean YouTube channel. The main reason behind conceptualising the balance mouse was to improve the work life balance in Korea.

The company stated that the majority of employees are hesitant to get off work on time. They are always under the pressure to complete their work before leaving the office. Therefore, they are laden with extra work too.

This creative mouse will detect hand movement and the wheels come out and it runs away. It detects hand movements, and the wheels come out of the house whenever it gets the chance, and runs away.

It automatically detaches from the central part and vanishes, forcing the man to wrap his work.

Currently, it is not available to purchase as it is just a concept mouse created in association with an ad agency.

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