RTO: 10,000 autorickshaws are operating illegally in Pune

Sep 20, 2021 1 min read
RTO: 10,000 autorickshaws are operating illegally in Pune

According to a news report, the RTO officials in Pune initiated action against auto-rickshaw drivers on September 13. As per the RTO survey, Pune has around 10,000 unlicensed auto rickshaws.

The latest RTO data reflects that the total number of registered auto rickshaws in Pune is 60,000 and at least 10,000 rickshaws operate illegally in the city.

" Our action against auto drivers is ongoing every day and at numerous locations throughout the city. Generally, drivers are operating without permits and licenses. Pune has 60,000 registered autos with licenses. 10,000 autos operate without a permit or any other legal documentation. Our teams quickly seize such vehicles," said Sanjeev Bhor, deputy regional transport officer at the Pune Regional Transport Office.

Since September 9, both the RTO and traffic police officers have conducted combined operations to check rickshaws. The Pune traffic police action against a total of 6,002 auto rickshaw drivers began on Tuesday.

Over 4,250 auto rickshaw drivers were issued fine for not wearing the uniform. While 730 were fined for operating without a driving license. Three hundred eight complaints were file against drivers without an RTO-issued badge, and 729 against drivers without RTO licenses and other documents.

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