Stay safer on roads with these tips

Jul 6, 2021 1 min read
Stay safer on roads with these tips

It is true that both the authorities and the road users are totally informed about the need for enhanced road safety and traffic awareness. But, some of us don't follow them.

Road safety is a critical issue in India because road accidents have become one of the biggest causes of deaths in the country. As the number of vehicles increase on our roads with every passing year, it’s of vital importance for each and everyone to have traffic awareness and respect all the road safety rules.

Buckle up

Seatbelt is the the most safest measure that can save lives by just using them correctly. An unbelted passenger can kill or seriously injure the passenger.

Use proper helmet

It's not compulsory to purchase a very expensive helmet but do research which one offers safety. You can simply buy a helmet having an ISI mark. Also, you can look for basic ECE and DOT certified helmets.

Drink and drive rule      

Drinking is very dangerous while driving. Driving in any sort of intoxicated state can lead to judgement errors and mishaps. Drink and drive should be avoided. Following this rule will improve road safety to a very drastic level.

Maintain your car

You should always maintain your car. Get some time to check your car for leaks and regular maintenance. This will give you a gist for how to keep your car in good shape for release and idea of upcoming repairs.

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Avoid distractions

Distractions are the major cause of mishaps. Usage of mobiles should be strictly avoided while driving the car. Answering calls while driving the car is also dangerous as it takes our attention off the road. You should stay alert and focused while driving the car.

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