Riding two-wheeler in chappal is illegal!

Aug 8, 2022 1 min read
Riding two-wheeler in chappal is illegal!

The Indian government has been getting increasingly stricter about traffic rules and safety violations on road. For this, several new rules have been made to the 1989 Motor Vehicle Act.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, you must wear fixed attire while riding in India. As per the rules, the two-wheeler riders are made compulsory to wear fully closed shoes when riding their vehicle. They can be subjected to Rs 1,000 fine, if found violating the law.

Therefore, while driving, the person behind the wheel must wear shoes or they'll e fined.

This is done with a fact that the legs of the rider may slip due to the low grip provided by such footwear. Furthermore, there's a good chance that such footwear might lead to slippage of the foot that can lead to an accident.

So, make sure to wear shoes first when next time you ride a bike or scooter,

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