Riderless Bullet spotted cruising on Pune-Nashik Highway

Aug 11, 2021 1 min read
Riderless Bullet spotted cruising on Pune-Nashik Highway

In an unexpected turn of events after an accident, a riderless Bullet was spotted rolling riderless on Pune-Nashik Highway.

Incident happened when a speeding Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle hit a pedestrian. After the accident, the rider fell on the ground immediately but the motorcycle fell only after rolling without its rider for about 300 feet on the highway.

This is a rare incident where a Bullet motorcycle was travelling at a high speed without a rider on the highway. The incident took place on August 9, 2021, at around 6.30 pm.

A jeep driver stopped his vehicle after he spotted a rider-less bullet coming towards him to avoided a mishap.

The whole incident was recorded on a CCTV camera at the Pereira Petrol Pump.

Pedestrian Janardhan Dattu Ganjwe was seriously injured in the accident and his arms and legs were fractured.

The visuals of the accident looked hilarious but in reality it was a terrible accident and anything would have happened. CarInfo recommends all two wheeler riders to wear a helmet and ride safely on roads.

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