Reasons why you need your car's manual handy all the time

Jan 17, 2022 2 min read
Reasons why you need your car's manual handy all the time

Many of us don't know the importance of reading vehicle owner's manual when it comes to buying a new car. However, reading the vehicle's manual is an important aspect of car ownership. It contains information such as car safety, car maintenance, and vehicle personalization.

If you read it thoroughly, you will get to know your car inside and outside. But many of us never bothered to even turn a single page of our car's manual. Therefore, we are here to tell you the reasons why you need to read your car's manual thoroughly.

Understanding what your car needs

Your vehicle is made up of thousand of components. A car's manual is the only possible way to be sure what your car needs. It contains information what kind of fuel (Engine oil, brake oil, etc.) are good for your car and exactly in what quantity you should use them. It also has the appropriate tyre PSI levels mentioned.

Knowing the location of important parts

When you get to know about your car's components, you should also get aware of its different locations in which these components are located. The car owners manual will give you a good insight into all this.  

Understanding symbols and different warning signals

You must have seen numerous symbols inside your dashboard. Other than this, there are numerous indications on your car and all of them have a significant meaning. Car owners manual can tell you about the meaning of each symbol so that even if they pop up, you'll be able to know what exactly they wanna say.  

Know how to get easy things done

In case of an emergency, car owners manual will teach you to treat them. Therefore, simple DIYs can be done easily like cleaning the air filter and more.

Maintaining a service record

There's a section in car's manual in which one can record their car's maintenance service history. It can be filled up and then stamped by the service centre.

Learning better driving practices

Car owner's manual comes list of driving practices to follow to increase the efficiency of your car. It makes driving experience safer.

Finding out extra features

There are always some extra features that we didn't know about before. However, these some extra features are always listed in car owner's manual. These features can be of great use and gives another important reason to go through it.

So, now you might believe that car owner's manual is an incredible source of information to maintain your car.

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