RCB fan expresses his love by giving a makeover to vintage car

Apr 2, 2022 1 min read
RCB fan expresses his love by giving a makeover to vintage car

Santosh Sadguru, a passionate fan of Royal Challengers Bangalore took his fan love to another level. He is the resident of Sagar in Shivamogga district, Karnataka showered his love by giving an amazing surprise.

RCB is the third most followed team and to express the love, a true supporter, Sadguru gave his vintage Fiat car a makeover. He has got the tagline ‘ee sala cup namde’ (this year the cup is ours) on the side of his car along with the letters of RCB. He has also applied pictures of the late Kannada superstar Puneet Rajkumar with his father, Dr. Rajkumar, a Kannada cinema legend, and Vishnuvardhan, the silver screen of Kannada cinema.

He also claimed that last year, he got a makeover of his Bajaj scooter as a sign of support to his favorite team, this time he got his lovable vehicle dressed up for the same reason.

He told that his family was not supporting him by seeing the car's makeover but later they understood the emotions and sentiments behind his love for the team.

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