Prisoners rescue a baby from the locked car

Apr 19, 2021 1 min read
Prisoners rescue a baby from the locked car

Can prisoners be that helpful? It turns out their empathy helped in saving the life of a young kid trapped in a car in Tampa, Florida.

Can criminals help common citizens? The unthinkable has happened in Tampa, Florida. A group of jail inmates were applauded for a saving a toddler. The baby was trapped in a locked car that jail inmates opened by using their theft skills.

The prisoners were doing construction on a road nearby when they saw the crowd around the car. The father of the baby had accidentally locked the car keys inside his SUV along with his 1-year-old daughter.

Bother father and mother were panicked to see their kid locked inside the car. The crowd and chaos around the car caught the attention of sheriff's deputies - the incharge of inmates. The inmates were asked if they know how to open a locked car.

The inmates responded and used their theft experience to unlock the car. The child was rescued safely. The footage of the entire incident is circulating on social media.

"Our trustees are people who have made mistakes, we’re trying to rehabilitate them to get back into society,"

Chris Nocco, of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office told the ABC7.

While the breaking into a car is not a good thing, here this became blessing in disguise for the parents of a toddler.

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