Precaution to take while driving during COVID

Jun 24, 2020 2 min read
Precaution to take while driving during COVID

COVID-19 has locked us in our homes indefinitely. But some of us have to still step out shop essential things or commute to the workplace. A personal car is the safes option to commute in a pandemic. But it comes with its own set of precautions to stay safe from the deadly virus.

Your car is not absolutely immune are from coronavirus if you do not take these precautions. So, read about them carefully.

#1 Keep a Good Quality Hand Sanitiser in your Car

Not car air-freshener, now hand sanitiser has become the most essential item to keep in your car. It is not a task to keep a handy bottle of sanitiser. Always sanitise your hands after entering the car before touching anything. You can also use the sanitiser to sanitise your steering wheel, door handles, gear knob, and ac or music control among others.

#2 Avoid Ride Share

Many of us commute long distances on a regular basis. And ride-sharing is a good idea to have a companion and split the cost of fuel. Ironically, not anymore. It is difficult to follow social distancing in the car. Even if you take all the precautions, you remain at a high risk of catching the virus.

#3 Open the Windows

You might don’t want to shut down the AC in the scorching summer season. However, it is wise to crack open all the windows for a few minutes while driving the car initially. This will circulate the stale air out of the car and decrease the chances of virus brewing inside the car.

#4 Use a Pair of Gloves

While you are out of the car, you unwillingly touch several things from door handles to ATM keypads. All the outdoor stuff is heavily contaminated. It would be wise to use a disposable pair of gloves that you can easily remove before entering the car to keep your hands as safe as possible.

#5 Use Contactless Payment

While buying groceries, paying for toll fees, or getting a tank full, you can use digital wallets and UPI payment methods to make contactless payments. This will reduce your physical contact with unwanted things.

#6 Rear Seat

When you drive alone, you often neglect the rear seat. It becomes the repository of every unwanted thing. From empty water bottles and chips wrappers to used face masks and tissues; the rear-seat becomes an unwanted dustbin in your car. In normal days, it would have been okay but not anymore. You need to be extra diligent about the cleanliness of your back. Keep sanitising the back area from time-to-time to avoid any kind of virus contamination.

#7 Boot

Fro groceries and vegetables to our office bags, we keep everything in the boot. The boot is in constant touch with things coming from outside. Hence, keep sanitising the boot on a regular basis to prevent virus contamination.


While car is the safest way to commute amid COVID-19 pandemic; you still need to take above precautions to keep your car a safe place to stay healthy. Any sort of carelessness can easily make you sick and suffer.

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