Porsche is working on a new technology that can detect when a car requires service

Nov 14, 2021 1 min read
Porsche is working on a new technology that can detect when a car requires service

Porsche is developing a new technology that will enable the car to provide information to drivers about the due service of the car. Porsche has created this technology and called it Digital Twin System.

Even before a problem occurs, the Digital Twin System will notify the car owner of a service need. Car owners can use this to keep track of their car's servicing and know about any issues before they occur. Getting prior information will cost extra money on the car and prevent any significant damage.

In partnership with the Volkswagen Group, a German luxury car manufacturer has developed this technology. However, this new technology won't be available until 2022. Right now the company is testing it in several prototypes. Approximately half of Porsche Taycan EV customers are voluntarily using this technology.

With Digital Twin, the car owner will maintain the car more straightforward, and the maintenance cost can also be lower. In addition, the service's history will be available to users. It will substantially help the Porsche customers. Problems might arise in a car if not serviced on time. However, the corporation hasn't revealed anything about the digital twin technology yet.

In addition, a specific form of technology will alert the driver quickly if the vehicle's driving mode changes. Technology developed by Porsche works in conjunction with a number of modern sensors that analyze the data and inform the driver about servicing.

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